I'm a puppy-sitting travel gipsy!

I love dogs and love travel, (don't plan on having kids) and have combined those 2 things into full-time puppy sitting.

You are probably thinking .. but wait? I thought this chick was a women's health coach?

And you are right!

My business, Ellavate Coaching was created to help you look great and feel great in your 30s, 40s and beyond.  

I thrive on structure and routine, but I live my life in what can only be described by an outsider as chaos!

It's also why I know that the basis for good health and great results all stem from your habits. 




I have prepped for many shows while living out of a suitcase, I know the challenges that every competitor faces, and because of this, I know I can get you ready for the stage in 24 weeks with the plan that every other bikini girl you talk to wishes she had!

 - Trust me, your prep will be planned out to the T so that you won't even feel like you are dieting.

(OKAY, maybe that's a tiny white lie, you'll feel the hunger, but you'll know how to manage it).

I'll be honest; I'm not the coach for everyone; I'm a planner, I'm thorough, I'll call on you on your shit, I'll push you further than you think you can go, and I'll get you results. 

All I ask of you is an openness to learn, to be challenged and not to have your handheld. 

I will help you become more self-aware so you can be in the driver's seat and have control of your body and your goals and that right there...

I promise you it will be life-changing!


Ella's qualifications and courses include:

  • Accredited Sports Nutritionist (2020) 
  • Certificate 3 &4 in Fitness 2014 (IPT Australia)
  • WBFF Fitness Pro July 2019
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach 2017
  • Leaner Stronger Level 1 & 2 Big on Basics 2016
  • Boutagy Fitness Institute level 1 GPP Theory level 1 GPP coaching 2017
  • Strongfit Seminar 2017
  • Inutrition Pro-Clean Health 2016
  • First Aid and CPR current

Ella's experience includes:

  • Competing since 2015 with ICN (then INBA) for 3 shows

  • WBFF Australia and UK 6+ shows
  • Turned WBFF Pro in 2019
  • Online coach since 2015, PT before this
  • Primarily work with women 35+ (experience with peri-menopause)for lifestyle and comp prep coaching. 

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