Are You Tired Or Are You Lonely?

Jul 09, 2023
I was reading Brené Brown's Dare to Lead book and a chapter that talked about fatigue in the workforce and an organisation that was researching companies with reported high levels of exhaustion. They wanted to find out what was causing this, and while yes, the workload was high, they found that these employees were, in fact, lonely.
That loneliness was manifesting itself into exhaustion.
Loneliness is also hard to admit; it's being very vulnerable. And in our society now, where everything is online, we are working long hours, with no time for anything but the day-to-day essentials; it is very easy to forget about close connections with friends or even having meaningful conversations with our partners.
When starting on your fitness journey or working on self-improvement, it can be isolating once again when your friendship circle just don't get it.
This is why it's an important value of ours to create a strong community. Where you can find your people, build those connections and forge meaningful friendships.
Yes, we provide training and nutrition programming and guidance to achieve a physical transformation, but what you get when you sign up with Ellavate is so much more than that for our ladies.
If you are feeling a little lonely right now, we see you; feel free to reach out to us anytime.
Ella - Ellavate Coaching