Gina, 40's

I’ve dropped over 8kg and at least 2 dress sizes. I came into the program with only one goal in mind, however, Ella has allowed me to realise how I can maintain what we've achieved without someone to check in with every day. How to think about my nutrition and get it right without tracking it in an app, how to get enough movement in my day without tracking it or reporting to someone. The shift in mindset and how to create long-lasting habits has been incredibly freeing.

Sarah 42, mum of 3

Ella is an amazing coach who is extremely knowledgeable. I contacted Ella to help me get back into a routine with my training and nutrition. We focused on muscle gain and worked on reverse dieting into surplus with minimal body fat gain before reducing calories to lose some excess body fat after having had my second baby. Ella is patient and caring but also knows how to push you to be your best. I would highly recommend Ella if you are looking for a highly technical and very professional coach

Jaz 40's

Ella helped me lose weight safely and steadily (still while eating foods that I love and having regular social nights out), and is teaching me how to self manage all of this on my own for the long term. People I haven't seen in months didn't even recognise me at first. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to keep weight off successfully. she's worked absolute miracles for me. One of the best decisions I ever made.

Kylie 50's


Kyleen 50's


Carrie 40's



Marg, 35+ fitness 4th place 

Ella is the most professional, organised and thorough coach I have ever had.

She is 100% committed to her clients; exceeding my expectations in her commitment to deadlines and providing detailed and specific feedback on everything from diet, lifting techniques and posing.

I cannot recommend Ella more highly!

Erin 35+ Fitness top 5

Ella's coaching and knowledge of this sport made this prep so much easier for me. There were no crazy diets of steamed veg and rice. she keeps it real and doesn't give out fad generic programs just to become an influencer on social media. She spends the time to tailor each individual to their individual needs. ​​I highly recommend her and can guarantee you will not be disappointed and you won’t want to go anywhere else.

Alison 35+ Bikini top 10

After years of enjoying the gym but having a non-specific approach to training and eating my results were unimpressive and I just assumed that was “just my body” 

Ella will teach you how to take the guesswork out of training and nutrition and through a structured and tailored approach will get you to where you want to be. Best decision i ever made 

Ali, 35+ fitness 2nd place Fitness tall 3rd Place


Meg Bikini tall 4th place 


Emma Bikini top 10



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