HRT and Lifestyle changes to improve wellbeing and achieve your goals

fat loss menopause perimenopause training Jun 15, 2023

I want to share the journey of one of our Ellavate clients, Carrie.

I want to give you hope that no matter what rollercoaster of hormones you are on, there is help, and YOU can achieve your goals.


Carrie joined us at the end of 2022. She wanted to feel better, have less bloating, more energy and better sleep and lose a few kilos.


At this point, we didn't know she was perimenopausal as she was on the pill. 


Weight loss was slow and non-existent at first, and as we navigated establishing good habits and setting up routines, she also came off the pill, and that's when the peri symptoms started to present themselves.


The long list of peri-symptoms, fatigue, delayed period, low mood, low libido, head fog, and not feeling like yourself. This was when I knew it was time to see a menopause specialist GP, or thankfully for Carrie, her regular GP was already well equipped with this.


She started on HRT.


But before this, we changed what we did with her nutrition and approached the day with time-restricted feeding, so the eating window was from 9 am-6 pm.


This reduces the time to consume calories and can help avoid nighttime eating or drinking alcohol. 

The weight started to come off.

She was back in the gym, lifting weights again. 

And she was keeping up with her daily movement by going for walks.

And with the HRT starting to work, she felt like herself.

"My scale weight hit the lowest in over a year, yay! Fitting into old clothes, the skin has never been better, sleeping so well, and no mood swings or hot flashes...ladies, HRT + Ella's coaching are game changers!"


Carrie finished 1-1 coaching with us but continues progressing each week with the skills and knowledge we've given her.


And I get regular updates from her which I LOVE seeing!


Maybe you are feeling some shifts right now?

Your body composition is changing, you're in your 40's, and things seem "hard".

No amount of "effort" appears to be paying off. 


Hopefully, hearing about Carrie's journey will show you that in time, with patience and the right help from medicine and lifestyle interventions, you can return to feeling like YOU again.


Our calendar is always open to book a call with us to chat about your situation and goals and see if we can help you.

And if you aren't getting the right support from your GP, find a menopause specialist GP in your area via this LINK.