My Friends don't support my healthy lifestyle!

mindset Mar 11, 2021
We've all been there on the receiving end of some criticism or negative comment from people close to us.
Do they mean it?
I'd like to think it comes from a place of love but also a place of misguided knowledge and information. people will always criticise what they don't fully understand.
Spending time wanting to better your quality of life, moving more, eating better is seen as a problem or an addiction it's rigid and you can't possibly have a life while doing it.
Whereas, sitting on the sofa with a tub of icecream is normal, hitting the pub for drinks after work is normal, living of 5 hrs sleep and highly stressed with constant energy gaps is all normal.
But it's not normal that's just what we have as a society have widely accepted. 
To work late into the night at the expense of your training, eating patterns and sleep. To walk around in a constant state of stress. To have no energy, motivation or focus outside of work. 
Because we have normalised this lifestyle when you actively try to change that, make improvements so you are a happier, healthier lighter human, some people won't understand. 
And the reason for that is because you are now not like them. They lose their drinking partner, the person that sits next to them on the sofa with a spoon in hand - all they see is loss. 
You now meal prep at the weekend so the week is made easier to fit everything in and still stay on track. You make sensible & flexible food choices based on your goals, what is going to fuel you and make you feel good.
You strive to be a better version every day. 💫
You have control over your actions.💫
You have been educated!
Stupid comments like:
“You look really manly”
“cover up your arms because you might offend someone with your muscles.” “
Are you eating again, wow you eat a lot”
“Just eat a biscuit”
“Don't lose any more weight”
“Just have a drink, oh you're so boring”
"You're going to hurt yourself lifting that weight"
Any of those sound familiar to you?
It’s unfortunate that this occurs a lot and It’s sad that this happens in an age where health and fitness is an important factor in many peoples lives.
If you are experiencing this from friends or family, then I would encourage you to try and talk to them about your journey, why you are training, why tracking your food is important and the education it provides you, and how you feel and the impact it has on your life.
Most of the time its down to not understanding and being too ignorant to ask what it is you are doing.
People will criticise things they don't understand.
If you are still getting negativity from friends or they just don’t want to hear what you have to say, then I can quite honestly say they are not an energy you need in your life.
Surround yourself with people that inspire, motivate and encourage you.
Not people that are jealous, negative, hate, criticise and judge you.
Sometimes it means breaking away from old relationships that no longer serve you. When fitness becomes a part of your life, it is hard to maintain old relationships that do not attract the same. It's not a bad thing it's just a natural part of life.
You grow, you develop and your passions change. The people who you spend your time with should also reflect that.
I've been there, let go of old relationships that no longer serve you. You don't owe them anything if they can't support you.
Don't drop your standards to make someone else feel better.