3 Reasons your diet has failed

mindset nutrition weight loss Sep 21, 2021
  1. So, here are the TOP 3 REASONS YOUR DIET HAS FAILED.

    1. Your Limiting beliefs and negative mindset WILL hold you back. 

    You've told yourself you'd fail before you've even started. Past experiences, old beliefs and negative thoughts have shaped your mindset. You focus on what happened in the past that failed.

    Solution: Spend some time unpacking your limiting beliefs and ask, "What if I'm wrong? " Find alternative beliefs that will see you succeed. Learn how to identify your language, rewire your brain, and rewrite your story for success.

    2. You have no plan.

    Results come from consistency over time. Just when you think it's not working is about the point when you'll turn a corner. Weight loss isn't linear; you won't see trends in weight daily. 

    Solution: Have confidence and back yourself. Have a calculated plan to achieve the desired goal and a plan to get out of the diet phase. Stick with your process for longer than 6 weeks. Monitor your weekly average weight and look for downward trends. Use objective data to guide your process, not how you feel; that's subjective and can change every second! 

    3. You are too restrictive. 

    You can nail your diet Monday - Friday but then the weekend comes and you are out and about and can't say no or control yourself. It becomes all too hard to track something outside of your "usual foods" that you think oh well, today is a right off.

    Solution: Don't look at this process as a "diet"; look at it from the mindset of lifestyle change and long-term habits. Remove food labels as good vs bad and look at your nutrition from nutrient-dense foods and calorie-dense foods. Every action and decision will have a subsequent consequence. Suppose you are out and about and decide to enjoy an ice cream. In that case, this is a conscious and aware decision you make, knowing that the consequence is fewer calories later in the day and some adjustments to your meals to accommodate a higher calorie indulgence. Food is abundant, and you have unconditional permission to eat whatever you like without restriction. 

    The truth is that the missing piece of the fat loss puzzle for every female is knowing and understanding that they have the power & control over what they choose to put in their body and how they want to feel. 

    Knowledge really is power, but only if you act on it.

    The Ellavate coaches will teach you to take ownership and control over your diet and your life. 


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