One hour less sleep a night is hindering your fat loss

fat loss sleep Jan 12, 2023

At Ellavate, we talk a lot about working on the foundations for your health and fitness goals.

The foundation that is neglected the most but can impact your quality of life the most is SLEEP!

WHY is this neglected?

We know we can function on less than optimal hours of sleep a night, but are we thriving or merely surviving?


The effects of lack of sleep on the body are enormous!

Research has shown us that 1hr less sleep a night across 5 nights has a negative impact on body comp with less fat mass loss and great muscle mass loss for those in a calorie deficit. Furthermore, “catch-up” sleep won’t completely reverse it. 

You ain't making it up for it Saturday and Sunday, Sis!


Appetite regulation is also affected. Insufficient sleep is associated with lower levels of leptin, a hormone produced by fat tissue that suppresses appetite, and higher levels of ghrelin, a peptide that stimulates appetite.

Your hormones are driving up your appetite and not for fruit and veggies, oh no for salty fatty foods. You can see how you can make poor decisions regarding what to eat with insufficient sleep.


You’ll also find the gym is neglected because you are too tired. Opting to snooze the alarm rather than getting up, thinking I’ll hit the gym after work, but guess what? 


You are too tired still. Deciding for the sofa and Netflix and uber eats over the gym, grocery shopping and making dinner.

I get it; we've been there too.

Due to all these poor choices and decisions, you’ll typically find yourself unhappy; you haven't followed through with the things you promise yourself you’ll do; you are too tired, not eating right, and you are not exercising.

It feels like a constant battle and hamster wheel scenario you can't get out of.


So what can you do about this?


  • Set some boundaries with your sleep routine and sleep hygiene.
  • Consistent bedtime and wake time helps regulate your circadian rhythm. The body loves routine.
  • Don’t scroll social media lying in bed or the hours before bed if you find yourself struggling to fall asleep or anxious waking up in the night with a million things in your head.
  • Keep a notepad by the bed to write down any thin in your head, keeping you awake.
  • Fresh sheets, a cool dark room, air con and fans in summer. Ear plugs to block out the snorer!
  • Or white noise or sleep music to help you get off to sleep; there are great apps for this.
  • Meditation or breath work before bed to help tune in to your parasympathetic nervous system
  • Reading, journaling


Find a practice that works for you. 


If you think you don't have time to implement some self-care practises in the evening to help set you up for a better night's sleep, try turning your phone off or locking it away after dinner and don't turn the TV on. 


I think you just found an hour or so to implement something conducive to the success of your bedtime routine and quality sleep.