3 Things That Hold You Back

mindset Dec 07, 2021

Are you being held back by one of these 3 things?

  •  Limiting beliefs about yourself.

You have a lot of doubts about yourself.  You think you are not worthy of being loved, feeling that you are not lovable.

Sometimes you need to control yourself and ask, "Am I doing all the best I can? Do I deserve everything?" It is so important to understand that every single human being has some limitations; everyone does.

We all have limits.

We cannot change our physical structures; we are born with them. But we can change our behaviour; we can change our minds. 

The only limitation we have is our minds. When we accept that we have limits, that there are certain things we are incapable of doing, it will be easier for us to deal with the fact that other people have limitations too.

We all have a limit, but we can work on it through self-awareness, self-control, and self-discipline. It is important to understand that we all have a limit. There is no one who can do anything at all without having a limit. If you want to be good in school, you need to learn how to study well. If you want to be good at sports, you need to train your body.

If you want to be good in love, you need to practice patience. You need to practice self-control and learn how to deal with your emotions. 

  • The language you use.

It is how we communicate with ourselves, with other people, and with the world that limits us, and defines who we are. We can choose how we want to communicate and the words we use. When we start communicating with others, we learn that they are also limited, and we must learn to accept this fact.

We have to accept that there are certain things we cannot do, and we need to learn to accept that there are things that we can do and things that we need to learn to do.  We need to learn how to communicate and express our feelings and needs.

We must be aware of the difference between what we say and feel.  If you are shy, you may not want to talk to someone. You may feel intimidated, or you may feel that you are not good enough. How you communicate may tell other people a lot about you, but it is very important to realize that what we say and think are two different things.

Our words may show others what we think about ourselves, but they may not be the true reflection of who we are inside. Sometimes we may say one thing and actually believe something else. That is why it is important to remember that what we say and what we think are two different things. When we talk about our limits, we talk about our personality and character.

  • The stories you’ve told yourself.

Stories you tell yourself are powerful things.  When you think of a story, you're actually telling yourself a  story about your future. Your subconscious mind is constantly working on that story.

This is how you get to the point where you believe in something so strongly that it's hard to let go. If you have an optimistic outlook on life, chances are you believe that your future will be better than your past.

Sometimes you'll say:

“I’m getting older now. It’s just getting harder.”

“I’ve always been this way.”

“I can’t ever look like that.”

“I have too much anxiety to do anything.”

“I don’t have time.”

“Why bother when nothing changes.”

These are all beliefs and stories you’ve used to hold yourself safe, avoid failure, and protect yourself from fear. But they aren't serving you. 

The language you use is what’s keeping you small and never progressing.

Learn how to listen for these signs and use strategies to overcome them, and you’ll really begin to grow in all areas of life. 


The ELLAVATE team can show you how.