Would you rather $1million today or 1cent that doubles every day for 30 days?

fitness perimenopause Jun 23, 2023

A powerful lesson in delayed gratification and compounding.

I can give you $ 1 million today OR 1cent that doubles daily for 30 days. 

What would you take?

Most of us would probably say $1million today; I sure did! 

But when you break down the math, it is quite outstanding...



You can see that it's only by day 18 do you start to see $1300, and by day 27, $670,000 and by day 28, over $1m, and from there, you can end the 30 days with over $ 5 million!!


This is just as true for your health and fitness goals. You don't see the reward for your effort pay off straight away; sometimes, it can take weeks and months for the results to start to show. 


Over time the power of compounding those daily habits, even when you don't feel like it, will eventually pay off. 

And if you quit too soon, you are missing out on so much progress, just around the corner!


The next time you see yourself wanting to give up, or thinking, what's the point it's not working for me; remember this.